Traditionally, concrete patio steps are poured on-site and are subject to the effects of weather, not monitored carefully for defects, and are difficult to remove and re-pour if they are not up to standard. Concrete Craftsman is changing all that with our new Precast Patio Step!

We build the Precast Patio Step in an interior, climate-controlled atmosphere, allowing us to monitor the product through all phases of production. They are engineered for light weight while actually improving strength. We are able to create all kinds of beautiful, custom designs, colors, and effects. The edges are nicely bevelled and can create a high quality element to your patio!

The Precast Patio Step is available as a great alternative to pour-in-place steps. We can stack up to three steps. Steps are easy to install, and we offer installation at a very reasonable rate. These steps come with a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects. Call today to order steps or come by our shop to see them for yourself!


Single Step (12" to 18" tread, 3' wide)

Single Landing (3' x 3') $175.00
Step + Landing (12" to 18" first step, 3' x 3' landing) $475.00
Over three units Per bid
Installation (up to 3 units) $76.00

All prices are before applicable sales tax

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